Glutamine Drive

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Glutamine is a vital amino acid efficiently present in the muscle tissues. Intense training, dieting and stress on a daily basis decrease the natural store of glutamine in your muscles. This process also breaks down muscle tissues. The ability of recovery from training is hard to achieve. Glutamine helps in repairing the muscle tissue at an accelerated pace to build up muscles and strength. It helps in building cells, repairing tissues and enhances athletic performances.   

This Nutrex Glutamine Drive supplement provide extra L-Glutamine amino acid maintaining high glutamine level in muscles speeding up the muscle tissue repair and growth. Daily consumption of this L-Glutamine can help in enhancing the muscle building results. It contains pure L-Glutamine which is unflavored and can be easily added to any beverage. Consuming this Nutrex Glutamine Drive supplement before workout enhances the muscle repair and helps in faster muscle tissue growth.

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