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Boost your metabolism with Vedic Delite's Green Coffee Bean, a blend of unroasted coffee beans containing Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) - an active ingredient that is lost when the beans are roasted. CGA slows down the release of glucose in your body and helps boost metabolism, while maintaining your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Research shows that CGA prevents the absorption of excess carbohydrates in our body, which in turn burns fat and controls blood sugar levels!

Free from fillers, sugar or starch, these 100% natural supplements contain antioxidants that flush the toxins out of your body and can be consumed twice a day with a glass of water. It doesn't get simpler than that!

How Green Coffee Bean Aids in Weight Loss: It works in two ways -

1. It slows the release of glucose into your body, and

2. At the same time it boosts your metabolism so you burn fat.

Study shows that Chlorogenic acid works on the digestive system such that it lets the consumed carbohydrates pass through without getting digested. Carbohydrates are the key source of fat and increases the sugar level. If the carbs are not absorbed then it helps reduce the weight and also controls the sugar level.

Free of: Fillers, Sugars or Starches

Directions for Use: 2 capsules a day (30 mins before lunch and dinner)

Best Before: 2 Years from Date of Manufacturing

Contains: 30 Capsules

Ingredients: Green Coffee Bean Extract 600 mG with 50% Chlorogenic Acid

Precautions: Seek advice from your nutritionist before starting any herbal supplements especially if you are pregnant or nursing or have existing medical conditions or are taking prescription medications.

Store: Store in a cool dry place

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