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Glutamine is the most abundant Amino Acid in the body, comprising more than 60Percent of the free amino acid pool in the skeletal muscles and greater than 20Percent of total circulating amino acids. It is a very beneficial amino acid, the levels of which can severely deplete with hard training resulting in muscle catabolism (muscle loss). As Glutamine also plays a role in immune responses, this fall in Glutamine levels partly explains the increased susceptibility of hard training athletes to infections. Supplementing with L-Glutamine during intense training phases helps prevent a drop in glutamine levels, thereby helping to reduce muscle soreness and rebuild muscle tissue. Research and real world evidence strongly suggests that L-Glutamine supplementation in hard training athletes plays an important role in assisting with recovery, enhancing muscle cell volume and preventing muscle catabolism by maintaining optimal muscle metabolism. Serving Sizes 300 g 60 Servings - Unflavoured. Suggested Usage and Stack : Prepare one serving by mixing one rounded teaspoon (5 gms) with at least 300 ml of water. Take 1-2 (one to two) servings daily. Take one of the serving immediately after training and the other during either morning or at any other convenient time.

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