Mass Domination-5LBS

Mass Domination-5LBS

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Domin8r Mass Domination is a Mass & Muscle Gainer Supplement with high protein nutrition. This protein is highly enriched with high amount of carbohydrates and less amount of proteins. Hard gainers can utilize this product because it is specially made for them. This mass mutation protein formula provides your body with ample amount of macro-nutrients requisite to promote an environment of muscle growth.

This is a state-of-the-art advanced product, designed with various metabolic requirements in mind.
Individuals who need to gain a quality weight and the persons with very active life style. Individual who need to increase body weight and muscle mass without depositing a fat in body can use this product.

Each serving is packed with an array of performance enhancing ingredients such as

•    CAGT-Bcaa Complex
•    GH Boost Complex
•    Testo Boost Complex
•    Advanced Carb-Shuttle complex.
•    High protein nutritional supplement
•    Formulated with carbohydrates and proteins
•    Works effectively in gaining body weight and muscles mass
•    Controlling your body fat
•    Sufficient amount of macro-nutrients for muscle growth
•    1000 + calories per serving.
•    Creatine, Arginine, Glutamine, Bcaa.
•    Advanced Carb Shuttlers are present.
•    Low sugar content

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