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SSN Ignite has been formulated with a mix of eight unique and complex ingredients that aid in eliminating fat from your body. These capsules contain green tea extract that has epigallocatechin gallate, which helps in weight loss. It also contains grapefruit extract, which helps in combatting high stress level. Due to its high fibre content, grapefruit also makes you feel satiated for long, which reduces your calorie intake due to eating unhealthy snacks in between meals.

These capsules also contain tyrosine which produces some hormones or neurotransmitters that support enhanced energy level required at the time of training. Tyrosine also aids in the retention of muscular protein and thus helps in maintaining muscle growth. Also, it helps in strengthening immunity and prevents degeneration of nerves.

The thermogenic effect of these capsules helps in elevating the metabolic process in your body. So go ahead and grab this product to stimulate your body to reduce fat fast.

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