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SSN L-Glutamine Powder – 300g

SSN L-Glutamine Powder is a most beneficial and powerful amino acid which prevents a drop in glutamine level during intense workouts. While intense workout sessions glutamine level drops down which leads to fall in levels of muscles. SSN glutamine powder does not allows the glutamine level to fall down. It maintains proper cell volume & hydration level as well as preserves the muscles after intense workout.

SSN L-Glutamine Powder play important role in cell volumizing, anti-catabolism and supports new muscle growth. Glutamine is needed throughout in your body for optimal performance. Glutamine doesn't have any side effect as glutamine naturally occurs in our body therefore, glutamine supplements doesn't have any adverse effect even it boosts our immunity system.

Key Features

Easy To Mix: SSN L-Glutamine Powder should be taken 2-3 times a day. The ideal time to take L-glutamine is in morning, after work out and at night before going to bed. 5Gm serving each time is enough as you get some glutamine from your daily food as well. SSN L-Glutamine Powder is easy to mix. Take Glutamine with foods or liquids that are at room temperature. It should not be added taken with hot beverages, because heat destroys Glutamine and all the details about mixing is provided on its label.

Maintains Muscle Volume: SSN L-Glutamine Powder prevents a drop in glutamine level during intense workout. It maintains proper muscle cell volume & hydration as well as preserves the muscles after intense workout. Glutamine supports new muscle growth and boosts our immunity system.

No Side Effects: SSN L-Glutamine Powder doesn't have any adverse effects. It works effectively and maintains muscle levels. Glutamine naturally occurs in our body and doesn't have any health risks. However like all supplements too much consumption is not advised.

Directions For Use:

Oner Sering by mixing one rounded teaspoon (5g) with cold liquid, one to three times daily. Take one 5 gram serving immediately following your workout ideally mixed with a carbohydrate/protein shake.

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